Arranging a Funeral

Our job is to take care of the practical arrangements for you. This means advising you of the options and choices for the funeral and seeing the arrangements are made in accordance with your wishes, and with the wishes of the person who has died.

What you will need to think about:

  • Will it be burial or cremation, and if a burial do you have a grave?

  • Would you like a church service, if so where? or

  • Would you prefer a service at the crematorium/cemetery chapel, or a non-religious service?

If there is already a family grave available, we will require details of it's location and the grave deed and number, or if you require a new grave, where you wish it to be.

You will need to choose which Crematorium you wish the service to be held at. Most crematoria have a chapel in which a service may be held. You may wish to use this if you do not require a service in church. You may also use the crematorium for a committal only (no service). The Crematorium also provides a music facility either in the form of an organist or a media player on which music of your choice can be played. For longer services additional time may be booked at the Crematorium Chapels, at an extra cost. You may prefer to keep the ashes in a specially designed casket or keepsake - again we can advise you on this.

We can arrange flowers for you. Books are available for you to make your choice and also a selection of cards for your personal messages.

Instead of flowers you may wish to ask mourners to make donations to a charity of your choice or of their choice. These donations can be dealt with by ourselves, we will record them and forward them on to the charity on your behalf. Don't forget Gift Aid - Charities can reclaim, from the Inland Revenue, 28p for every £1 donated. Just forward a letter (including your address) with your donation asking the charity to reclaim the tax.

We can arrange to place announcements in a local and/or national newspaper for you and assist you with the wording. We are also able to arrange acknowledgement notices.

Visit out Funeral Costs page.